About Me

Knuckle Nobility was started with an important idea: Handmade items should be unique, filled with intrigue, start a conversation, and last long enough to be passed down as part of your inheritance.

What do you look for in handcrafted goods? Do you look for quality? Is attention to detail important? Should a handcrafted item be unique? When it comes to rings, bowls, handles, or platters, these qualities are a must, and that’s what we deliver!

We are always searching for the next new medium to use, making every piece valuable and one of a kind. Each handcrafted item takes time, attention, and finesse. You will see and feel that in your item. 


Reach out to me at any time with questions about a product or what could be possible for a custom order. Anything is possible! 


Jordan Duba
Owner/Maker of Knuckle Nobility
Email: KnuckleNobility@gmail.com
Phone: 602-935-8659
Owner and Maker_ Knuckle Nobility_ Handcrafted and Unique gifts